Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins, CPTO @ xDesign and Co-Host , Compromising Positions

Jeff is Chief Product and Technology Officer for xDesign and Co-Host of the Compromising Positions Podcast. He is a lifelong technologist with nearly 25 years’ experience in the industry, first having started coding at age 6.

He has worked in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail industries, on enterprise and national scale programmes. Over the years he has become increasingly interested in Cybersecurity and AI and how both will shape our future, both technologically and the human impact. Jeff has founded multiple CyberSecurity teams and is currently working on several new pieces around the secure development and deployment of Generative AI based solutions.

He is a tech blogger, writer, podcaster and public speaker, having recently keynote at the Webinale international web conference in Berlin.

Jeff has a Master's in Cybersecurity and will be starting his Master's in Artificial Intelligence in 2024.