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Chair's opening address

Colonel (Retd) John Doody

Security in 2020

  • The changing face of cyber crime: 2020 cyber threats and new methods to protect against them
  • The risks and costs of cybercrime to businesses
  • Cyber skills: The importance of education and hiring the right people
  • Outlooks on AI & IOT
Tackling cyber-crime – a police perspective

Helen Williams

An insight into the work of the North West Cyber protect team; The types of incidents which are reported to us for investigation, examples of how business are targeted in the region and how we work with victims after they have been affected and an overview of the simple steps which we are still not taking to be protected from cyber-crime.

Why understanding your attack surface matters

Grant Paling

What does it mean to obtain and use ‘cyber intelligence’ in a manner that effectively prioritises scarce resource across the full spectrum of ‘Assess, Protect, Detect & Respond’ cybersecurity disciplines?

Threats in cyber-space arise for two main reasons; weakness in IT infrastructure and an interest taken by an attacker. Most businesses know they must mitigate cyber-threats for their own good but also because regulators require them to.

Ensuring an organisation has the skills, agility and underlying platforms and processes to understand, detect and manage cyber-threats is one of the most compelling challenges faced by any business. Regulatory changes have pushed this issue up to board level.

What should the priority be for an organisation that wants to improve its cyber security posture, finding and removing vulnerabilities in its infrastructure or assessing the external threats it faces?


Data Privacy in 2020: What’s on the horizon

Tate Chakrabarti

Everything points to 2020 being a very exciting year for data privacy.

Recent years have been transformational for data privacy. In the wake of the GDPR, Governments around the world are embracing and enacting new privacy laws and regulations. To date, numerous countries have or are due to adopt GDPR like privacy laws.

These laws will actively define global political and social landscapes for years to come. Topics such as 5G, the internet of things, privacy in the workplace, facial recognition, use of biometric data, big data in healthcare and surveillance shall be affected by existing or imminent privacy laws.

Tate’s talk focuses on privacy topics and issues that are likely to be relevant in 2020 to Governments, companies, data regulatory bodies and individuals.


The True Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Steve Mulhearn

The use of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity is neither the latest incarnation of Skynet nor will it make human intelligence obsolete. Artificial Intelligence, and it’s companion technology Machine Learning, have a role to play, especially as the threat landscape continues to evolve in terms of both volume and sophistication. 

This session will focus on how AI and ML are meant to be used as advanced tools to 1) improve threat detection and response capabilities and 2) help the human element of cybersecurity be more effective and more efficient.


"out of the shadows"

Mike Jones

Life in the shadows has its own risks and potential disasters around every corner. This is Mike's life, experience and lessons learned from a life lived in the ether. Going from an intense investigation to aiding businesses, individuals and government has changed him both professionally and it's time to give back.

Getting More out of Penetration Testing

Holly Grace Williams

A look at developments in the world of penetration testing and red teaming, a break down of security testing options and how companies can get the most out of their ethical hackers. Talking about social engineering, physical access, and technical hacks – and how they can work together to allow your organisation to understand the realistic attacks. With penetration testing becoming more commoditised and annual testing being ineffective, what should companies be doing?


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Chairs Afternoon Address

Colonel (Retd) John Doody

Data Ethics: Ensuring subject centricity & the next steps in compliance.

Daniel Cope

Today, we are seeing  increase in regulatory enforcement activity,  not just on breach of the law put breach of the principle and spirit of the law, an increase in customer/subject expectations. In this ever ncreasingly digital world driven by Data, how do you progress pass MVP? How do you ensure the subject and Data is at the heart of your business? We will be taking brief look at beyond the black and white 99 articles and driving into the ethical consideration of Data Privacy to enable you to be compliant avoid regulatory attention and ensure best in class service of excellence. 


Faking It: Combatting Email Impersonation with AI

Mariana Pereira

Today, 94% of cyber-threats still originate in the inbox. ‘Impersonation attacks’ are on the rise, as artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to automatically generate spear-phishing emails, or ‘digital fakes’, that expertly mimic the writing style of trusted contacts and colleagues. Humans can no longer distinguish real from fake on their own – businesses are increasingly turning to AI to distinguish friend from foe and fight back with autonomous response. In an era when thousands of documents can be encrypted in minutes, ‘immune system’ technology takes action in seconds – stopping cyber-threats before damage is done. Find out how in this session.

Intelligence lead defence on a zero budget.

Eliza May Austin

For those companies who cannot afford expensive threat intelligence, or don't see the value it can add, why not utilise the MITRE ATT&CK framework to your advantage and take those 1st few steps in to intelligence lead defence for free.

Autonomous Breach Protection: A new way to address Advanced Threats

Anthony Roberts

This talk will highlight todays challenges caused by advanced threats, a look into some of the new threats identified and how Autonomous Breach Protection can help solve the challenge faced with today’s threats.

Lights Out: How Hackers Target Critical Infrastructure

Geoff White

Cyber crime has surged up the news agenda and now presents a very real risk to our critical services: hospitals, political processes and the energy networks have all become targets.

Investigative journalist Geoff White has spent years researching the shadowy nexus of criminal hackers, state-sponsored cyber attackers and hacktivists movements behind this evolving threat.

In this talk he will discuss real-world examples of attacks on critical national infrastructure, and what they tell us about the increasing convergence of tactics, tools and psychology among previously disparate cyber threat groups.

Coffee and networking
Q&A with Bryan Seely - The Cyber Expert

Bryan Seely

World-famous hacker

Bryan Seely is an international keynote speaker, world-famous hacker, Cybersecurity expert, author and former U.S. Marine. Seely became one of the most famous hackers in 2014 when he became the only person to ever wiretap the United States Secret Service and FBI. Shockingly he told the 2 agencies before he was caught, and instead of being sent to maximum security prison, the Secret Service called him a hero and praised his courage and integrity. He has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington as well as television appearances on Closing bell on CNBC, CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC and TMZ with Harvey Levin. Bryan is passionate about fighting for consumers rights, privacy and educating the public about how to stay safe in a constantly changing technology landscape. He currently works as a freelance cybersecurity consultant, professional keynote speaker and lives in Seattle with his fiancée and their 3 children.

Brian will describe his fascinating life, and his take on cyber security in conversation with Geoff White, an investigative journalist, who has worked for both the BBC & Channel 4 TV.  He will then be taking questions from Geoff and from the audience.

Geoff White’s exclusives have covered everything from developments in artificial intelligence to fraud in the internet dating industry. He is currently writing a book on cybercrime due for publication this year.

The encounter should be memorable.


Chairs Closing Remarks

Colonel (Retd) John Doody

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