Sarah Armstong-Smith

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Independent Board Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Fellow British Computer Society,

Operating at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, Sarah Armstrong-Smith is the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft. She has led a long and impactful career, guiding businesses through digital attacks and teaching organisations how to protect their people and data. 

Sarah’s previous positions include Group Head Business Resilience & Crisis Management at The London Stock Exchange Group and Head Continuity & Resilience, Enterprise & Cyber Security at Fujitsu. Such high-profile roles earned Sarah a place in the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity. 

In 2022, Sarah released her first book ‘Effective Crisis Management’ which reached number two on the Amazon Best Sellers List. With a new way to share her expertise with a large audience, her leading insight into technology and security is respected by many throughout the industry.

Sarah’s latest book ‘Understand the Cyber Attacker Mindset’ explores the psychology of cyber warfare and how organisations can defend themselves from attack. The human aspects of cybersecurity have never been more critical.

Keynote speaker

Professor Brian Cox CBE FRS

Arguably the UK's best known experimental physicist,

Arguably the UK's best known experimental physicist, Professor Brian Cox's books and TV programmes have been
read and watched around the world and credited with making science engaging and accessible to millions. With his
down-to-earth, likeable enthusiasm, Brian is frequently labelled a 'rock star scientist', in part due to his time as a
professional musician. He the Professor of Particle Physics at Manchester University, The Royal Society Professor
for Public Engagement in Science, and a key part of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.
Brian's blockbuster TV shows include Wonders of the Universe, The Planets, Wonders of Life, and Forces of
Nature, each looking at the fundamental science behind everything from stars and planets to atoms and
microbiology. He has also presented Stargazing, Space Hoppers, The Big Bang, and numerous editions of Horizon.
His books accompanying the Wonders of... series have become huge bestsellers, as did his co-authored titles Why
Does E=mc2? and The Quantum Universe.
From speaking at TED in the US to World Economic Forums in Davos and China, Brian's presentations engage,
inform, and entertain. They feature awe-inspiring images from the depths of the universe as well as his trademark
infectious enthusiasm for his subject. Alongside the story of life, the universe and everything, Brian argues that
science can unite the world in an attempt to discover our shared origins and answer long-held mysteries. He also
explains the work of CERN and their attempts to use cutting-edge technology and engineering to recreate events
fractions of a nanosecond after the Big Bang "in the hope of revealing the underlying simplicity of the universe.” He
considers black holes, and why he believes they are the most interesting objects we know to exist in the universe,
and how Mars appears to have had all the conditions we think are necessary to support the origin of life three and a
half billion years ago.
Brian is also one of the few speakers to tour internationally with a solo lecture show, Universal: Adventures In
Space and Time. An International Fellow of the Explorers Club Brian was awarded the prestigious Lord Kelvin
Award for his work in promoting science to all. When not filming around the world, Brian writes for a range of
newspapers and journals and co-hosts Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage, the comedy and science programme. He
and his friend and co-host Robin Ince examine the big and not-so-big science questions alongside comedians,
scientists, and celebrities both on air and on tour. Brian also serves as the Royal Society’s Professor for Public
Engagement in Science.

Keynote speaker

Holly Foxcroft

Voted as one of the most influential woman in Cyber & Diversity Champion. Neurodivergent. International Speaker for Neurodiversity, Cyber Security & Online Behaviour. Lived Experience with Neurodiversity!,,

An experienced subject matter expert in neurodiversity, cyber crime, cyber security and mental health.
10 + years experience in consulting and public speaking, leading and curating events, project managements and business strategy.
Multi award winner for contributions to cyber security and diversity and inclusion.
Experience with policy and survey design, project management, senior management and stakeholder engagement and training, designing training material, diverse hiring and hiring initiatives, management and leadership training, confident public speaker keeping audiences engaged.

Keynote speaker

Ellie Dowsett

Data Protection Officer | UK GDPR | Compliance | Cyber Security | Legal | Speaker | Employee Engagement , Best Companies

How do you want to make your mark in this World?

For myself, like many others, upon leaving school, I was left still trying to discover my purpose and how to make my mark.

In the year 2000 I started working at ASDA, on the shop floor as a Christmas temp. ASDA was an amazing company to work for, full of opportunity with a great culture supporting, recognising and rewarding their employees. This was where I received my first training in data protection, it was a 10 minute discussion at the beginning of the day, prior to being given an overview of the Personnel Department. The main takeaway of the 10 minute roundup was pretty much "Anything I heard, saw or collated during my day in this office was strictly confidential and not to be shared, repeated or discussed with any one else". In 2002, ASDA, was number 1 in the Best Companies lists - I vividly remember this was a huge company achievement, which we all felt a part of with much internal celebrations, ranking above companies such as Microsoft and Cisco. Little did I know then, how these two events would go on to mean so much to me later in life.

Working for Best Companies gives me the opportunity to do what I love, I am passionate about data protection. Working alongside the Best Companies team, I feel part of something special, just like I did at ASDA, everyone knows each other and cares for each other. When your workplace feels like an extension of your family and you love the work you do, I think I can happily say I have found my purpose and a way to leave my mark in the World. Making the World a better workplace.


Lee Morton

Head of Cyber Security, GBG

An accomplished Information Security professional, with experience working across multiple sectors, and territories. Having responsibility for Global Information Security, strategically covering diverse business units across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.
Having 25 years of professional experience in Information Security, IT Management, IT Security Management, and Enterprise Architecture has allowed the successful delivery of expansive projects through a combination of internal and outsourced approaches while aligning security strategies with regulatory frameworks; ensuring robust protections and fostering business growth. 

Keynote speaker

Jonathan Mattey

Head of Cyber Security Technology, Sykes Holiday Cottages

Jonathan is the Head of Cyber Security for the Forge Holiday Group, consisting of four leading
companies in the Travel and Hospitality sector. Having built a reputation for delivery and execution
in Oil and Gas, whilst leading the security operations function – Jonathan sought the opportunity to
broaden his sector insight and tackle a different set of security concerns within a new technology
Jonathan has a plethora of experience delivering crucial security programmes for critical national
infrastructure including detection and response, data protection, risk management and disaster
recovery. He has a passion for continuous improvement and the importance of this in building high
performance security teams alongside a positive cyber security culture.
It is with this growth mindset that Jonathan believes we must tackle the current and future threat
landscape to provide the appropriate security outcomes in line with industry requirements.

Keynote speaker

Jonathon Concannon

Head of Information Security - CISSP | CCSP, ITS Technology Group

Jonathon is the Head of Information Security at ITS Technology Group. ITS's goal is to provide the best gigabit-capable connectivity to UK businesses and ensure that the UK has the best full-fibre networks. ITS is driving 'Faster Britain,' which aims to redefine the connectivity market for the better.

Jonathon has over a decade of experience in infrastructure, networking, and security within both the private and public sectors, and he has led InfoSec for a global fashion brand. He has first-hand experience in recovering from a significant cyber-attack, which has given him a clear perspective on the importance of having robust security measures in place. He understands the critical role of information security leaders in ensuring the safety of organisational data and systems, as well as the well-being of customers and colleagues.

Jonathon is a CISSP, CCSP, and a member of the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC²).”

Keynote speaker

Purvi Kay

Head of Cyber Security Governance Risk & Compliance, TEDx Speaker | International Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Advisory Board Member, BAE Systems


Amanda Crossely

Keynote Speaker | Cyber Security Business Analyst | TechVets Community Volunteer | Space Security Podcast Host,,

I am a cyber security professional and key note speaker who is excited about educating the next generation about the importance of cyber security.

Alongside my current role I am studying a degree in cyber security with the goal of moving onto a MSc and PhD after this.

Within my role I'm studying to become a security architect which I am on track for and I am hoping to become a security architect in the space sector.


Patrick Grillo

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Fortinet

As Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Patrick is responsible for creating and evangelizing key messages about Fortinet’s cyber security solutions. Prior to joining Fortinet, over the course of the past 30 years he has worked for a number of small to medium size organizations as well as larger companies such as Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, Nortel Networks, Hughes Network Systems and Comtech Mobile Data Communications in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, holding a range of senior level international sales and marketing roles. Patrick received his technical training while serving in the US Navy. Patrick is based at Fortinet’s EMEA facilities in Sophia Antipolis, France.