Sarah Armstong-Smith

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Independent Board Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Fellow British Computer Society,

Operating at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, Sarah Armstrong-Smith is the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft. She has led a long and impactful career, guiding businesses through digital attacks and teaching organisations how to protect their people and data. 

Sarah’s previous positions include Group Head Business Resilience & Crisis Management at The London Stock Exchange Group and Head Continuity & Resilience, Enterprise & Cyber Security at Fujitsu. Such high-profile roles earned Sarah a place in the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity. 

In 2022, Sarah released her first book ‘Effective Crisis Management’ which reached number two on the Amazon Best Sellers List. With a new way to share her expertise with a large audience, her leading insight into technology and security is respected by many throughout the industry.

Sarah’s latest book ‘Understand the Cyber Attacker Mindset’ explores the psychology of cyber warfare and how organisations can defend themselves from attack. The human aspects of cybersecurity have never been more critical.

Keynote speaker

Professor Brian Cox CBE FRS

Arguably the UK's best known experimental physicist,

Arguably the UK's best known experimental physicist, Professor Brian Cox's books and TV programmes have been
read and watched around the world and credited with making science engaging and accessible to millions. With his
down-to-earth, likeable enthusiasm, Brian is frequently labelled a 'rock star scientist', in part due to his time as a
professional musician. He the Professor of Particle Physics at Manchester University, The Royal Society Professor
for Public Engagement in Science, and a key part of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.
Brian's blockbuster TV shows include Wonders of the Universe, The Planets, Wonders of Life, and Forces of
Nature, each looking at the fundamental science behind everything from stars and planets to atoms and
microbiology. He has also presented Stargazing, Space Hoppers, The Big Bang, and numerous editions of Horizon.
His books accompanying the Wonders of... series have become huge bestsellers, as did his co-authored titles Why
Does E=mc2? and The Quantum Universe.
From speaking at TED in the US to World Economic Forums in Davos and China, Brian's presentations engage,
inform, and entertain. They feature awe-inspiring images from the depths of the universe as well as his trademark
infectious enthusiasm for his subject. Alongside the story of life, the universe and everything, Brian argues that
science can unite the world in an attempt to discover our shared origins and answer long-held mysteries. He also
explains the work of CERN and their attempts to use cutting-edge technology and engineering to recreate events
fractions of a nanosecond after the Big Bang "in the hope of revealing the underlying simplicity of the universe.” He
considers black holes, and why he believes they are the most interesting objects we know to exist in the universe,
and how Mars appears to have had all the conditions we think are necessary to support the origin of life three and a
half billion years ago.
Brian is also one of the few speakers to tour internationally with a solo lecture show, Universal: Adventures In
Space and Time. An International Fellow of the Explorers Club Brian was awarded the prestigious Lord Kelvin
Award for his work in promoting science to all. When not filming around the world, Brian writes for a range of
newspapers and journals and co-hosts Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage, the comedy and science programme. He
and his friend and co-host Robin Ince examine the big and not-so-big science questions alongside comedians,
scientists, and celebrities both on air and on tour. Brian also serves as the Royal Society’s Professor for Public
Engagement in Science.

Keynote speaker

Darcy Delich-Coull

IT Security, Risk & Compliance Officer , FOOTASYLUM

Darcy Delich-Coull, a trained lawyer, originally from Texas, possesses extensive experience and a driving passion in all things information security. Her role covers cybersecurity, all corresponding compliance, fraud detection/prevention, IT security vendor technology, and most importantly - educating staff on IT risk awareness and digital security processes in all forms. Her favourite part of her career now, after consulting for over a decade, is overall IT security health within the retail industry and working with a top multi-channel retailer as well as keeping the online world a safe place for businesses and consumers every day. 


Lianne Potter

Cyber Anthropologist, Head of Security Operations and technology podcast host @ Compromising Positions, Asda

When you follow the cables, behind every piece of tech is a person, consumer and creator, and we should never lose sight of this.

Lianne is an award-winning cyber anthropologist and security transformation leader with experience in the retail, healthcare, finance, private and non-profit sectors. Her consultancy, The AnthroSecurist, enables teams in complex organisations to understand each other’s motivations, identify barriers that have prevented good security practices in the past, and provide practical steps and insights to increase collaboration between the security team and the rest of the organisation. Lianne is also the Head of SecOps for the largest greenfield technology project in Europe where she builds strategies to create sustainable security cultures throughout the organisation. As a respected keynote speaker, Lianne has delivered talks across the globe to share her vision for a new type of security function. Drawing upon her expertise as an anthropologist, her practical experience as a security-focused software developer and as a security practitioner; Lianne combines the human and the technical aspects of security to evangelise a cultural security transformation.

In 2020 Lianne formed a health-tech start-up, Liria Digital Health, using technology to improve patient outcomes for those with under-researched, under-represented or unloved health conditions, particularly for people in marganised or minority communities

You can listen to Lianne talk about her human-centric approach every Thursday on her podcast Compromising Positions, in which she interviews non-cybersecurity people from the world of anthropology, psychology and behavioural science about cybersecurity culture.

Publications include:

* The Times
* Raconteur
* The Yorkshire Post
* Security Magazine
* IT Pro

Recent awards an honours include:

* Cybersecurity Personality of the Year 2023 - The Real Cyber Awards
* Security Woman of the Year - Computing Security Excellence Awards 2023 (Highly Commended)
* 40 Under 40 in Cybersecurity - Cybersecurity Magazine
* Security Leader of The Year 2021 - Women in Tech Excellence
* Woman of the Year 2021 - Women in Tech Excellence
* Security Specialist of the Year 2021 -


Lee Morton

Former CISO, Information Security Expert and Professional Speaker | CISO / Head of Information Security,, On The Beach

An accomplished Information Security professional, with experience working across multiple sectors, and territories. Having responsibility for Global Information Security, strategically covering diverse business units across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.
Having 25 years of professional experience in Information Security, IT Management, IT Security Management, and Enterprise Architecture has allowed the successful delivery of expansive projects through a combination of internal and outsourced approaches while aligning security strategies with regulatory frameworks; ensuring robust protections and fostering business growth. 

Keynote speaker

Hazel McPherson

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | [FCA CF] Significant Management, ALD Automotive UK

Hazel is a seasoned Information Security expert with over 20 years of experience in technology and security. As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at ALD Automotive, she is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of the organisation’s information and cyber security initiatives, ensuring the protection of critical assets and customer data.

Throughout her career, Hazel has demonstrated a relentless commitment to enhancing the security posture of all organisations she has worked for. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of domains, including risk management, regulatory compliance, threat intelligence, incident response, and security awareness training.

Under her leadership, ALD Automotive has implemented innovative security solutions that have protected the organisation against evolving cyber threats, whilst also fostering a culture of security awareness among employees and stakeholders. Her strategic approach to information and cyber security aligns with the local and global business objectives, ensuring a balance between security and operational efficiency.

Prior to joining ALD Automotive, Hazel held several leadership roles in healthcare, local government, manufacturing, and distribution, where she honed her skills and garnered a deep understanding of the information and cyber security challenges facing us all personally and professionally.

Hazel holds a master’s degree in cyber security (MSc) and several industry certifications, further underscoring her commitment to professional excellence. She is a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion in technology and information security, actively mentoring aspiring professionals and championing initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive industry. In 2023 she became a Director of BSides Bristol and successfully re-launched this important community conference for the South West.

As a visionary leader and trailblazer in information security, Hazel continues to drive innovation and excellence in her role as CISO, setting new benchmarks for security in the financial services landscape.


Patrick Grillo

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Fortinet

As Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Patrick is responsible for creating and evangelizing key messages about Fortinet’s cyber security solutions. Prior to joining Fortinet, over the course of the past 30 years he has worked for a number of small to medium size organizations as well as larger companies such as Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, Nortel Networks, Hughes Network Systems and Comtech Mobile Data Communications in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, holding a range of senior level international sales and marketing roles. Patrick received his technical training while serving in the US Navy. Patrick is based at Fortinet’s EMEA facilities in Sophia Antipolis, France.


Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins, CPTO @ xDesign and Co-Host , Compromising Positions

Jeff is Chief Product and Technology Officer for xDesign and Co-Host of the Compromising Positions Podcast. He is a lifelong technologist with nearly 25 years’ experience in the industry, first having started coding at age 6.

He has worked in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail industries, on enterprise and national scale programmes. Over the years he has become increasingly interested in Cybersecurity and AI and how both will shape our future, both technologically and the human impact. Jeff has founded multiple CyberSecurity teams and is currently working on several new pieces around the secure development and deployment of Generative AI based solutions.

He is a tech blogger, writer, podcaster and public speaker, having recently keynote at the Webinale international web conference in Berlin.

Jeff has a Master's in Cybersecurity and will be starting his Master's in Artificial Intelligence in 2024.


Greg Notch

CISO, Expel

Greg Notch is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Expel. As Expel’s CISO, he is responsible for ensuring the security of Expel’s systems and its customers’ data, as well as keeping customers educated on the threat landscape and latest techniques for mitigating risk in their environments.Greg has been working in the security and technology space for over 25 years—helping companies large and small to build high-performing engineering teams, implement security programs, and improve their technology, processes, and security.Prior to Expel, Greg spent 15 years as the CISO and SVP of Technology at the National Hockey League (NHL), where he led its information security program. He also led the league’s technology strategy, digital transformation, and cloud initiatives. Prior to the NHL, Greg worked on infrastructure, security, and software systems for Apple, Yahoo Search, eMusic, and several other NYC-based tech startups.


Daniel Selman

Data Protection Officer, Camelot

After initially training and working as a librarian Daniel spent 15 years as a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, primarily working  in Data Protection and Cyber Security, before leaving to pursue new opportunities in the private sector. Roles at Direct Line, Informa and Goldman Sachs followed before he joined Camelot, the operator of The National Lottery, in June 2019 as their first dedicated Data Protection Officer. Following the start of the 4th National Lottery Licence on 1st February he is now DPO for the new operator, Allwyn Entertainment Ltd.


Tim Ward

CEO, ThinkCyber

Tim is CEO and Co-Founder (with Dr Mike Butler) of Think Cyber Security Ltd. ThinkCyber offer the next generation in Security Awareness. Their Redflags® software product applies behavioural and learning science theory, in a highly innovative approach to deliver context-sensitive just-in-time guidance.
Tim has worked in IT for more than 25 years both in consulting and corporate IT with organisations including Logica, PA Consulting, Sepura and was previously Global Head of IT for the cyber division of BAE Systems (previously known as Detica). Tim graduated top of his year in Computer Science with AI at the University of Leeds, holds an MBA from the Open University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge University.
Tim posts daily on security awareness and behaviour change topics on LinkedIn and is proud to have helped ThinkCyber gain significant recognition for their Redflags® product: Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab 2022; TechUK Cyber Innovator of the Year 2021; SC Award Europe (Best Professional Training Programme); CyberTech100; TechInvest GovTech Top 10; Finalists in NYC Mayor’s Cyber Security Moonshot Challenge; members of TechNation Cyber 2.0 cohort; members of London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) cohort 1; Finalists Pitch@Palace 9.0.