Sarah Armstong-Smith

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Independent Board Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Fellow British Computer Society,

Operating at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, Sarah Armstrong-Smith is the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft. She has led a long and impactful career, guiding businesses through digital attacks and teaching organisations how to protect their people and data. 

Sarah’s previous positions include Group Head Business Resilience & Crisis Management at The London Stock Exchange Group and Head Continuity & Resilience, Enterprise & Cyber Security at Fujitsu. Such high-profile roles earned Sarah a place in the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity. 

In 2022, Sarah released her first book ‘Effective Crisis Management’ which reached number two on the Amazon Best Sellers List. With a new way to share her expertise with a large audience, her leading insight into technology and security is respected by many throughout the industry.

Sarah’s latest book ‘Understand the Cyber Attacker Mindset’ explores the psychology of cyber warfare and how organisations can defend themselves from attack. The human aspects of cybersecurity have never been more critical.

Keynote speaker

Darcy Delich-Coull

IT Security, Risk & Compliance Officer , FOOTASYLUM

Darcy Delich-Coull, a trained lawyer, originally from Texas, possesses extensive experience and a driving passion in all things information security. Her role covers cybersecurity, all corresponding compliance, fraud detection/prevention, IT security vendor technology, and most importantly - educating staff on IT risk awareness and digital security processes in all forms. Her favourite part of her career now, after consulting for over a decade, is overall IT security health within the retail industry and working with a top multi-channel retailer as well as keeping the online world a safe place for businesses and consumers every day. 

Keynote speaker

Lisa Forte

Cyber Security Expert,

Lisa Forte is a highly respected Cyber Security Expert with an impressive background in the field. Her career began with her work to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia, followed by a role in UK Counter Terrorism Intelligence, and eventually moving on to one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units. In 2017, she co-founded Red Goat Cyber Security and has since become one of the most prominent voices in the industry.

Forte is an internationally recognised speaker, named as one of the Top 100 Women in Tech, who is renowned for her expertise in cyber crisis management, ransomware, risk management, insider threats, and social engineering. Her extensive knowledge has helped large companies improve their incident response plans and rehearse for potential cyber-attacks. She has also appeared in documentaries and on BBC Newsnight, and is a regular contributor to national news, radio, and newspapers.

As a speaker, Lisa Forte is known for her energetic presentations that draw on storytelling and real-life experiences. She has a passion for the “tech for good” philosophy and co-founded the Cyber Volunteers 19 movement in 2020 to help protect hospitals from cyber-attacks during the pandemic. She also co-founded Respect In Security, which aims to combat hate and harassment in the industry.

Forte’s presentations are not limited to cyber security, however. As an experienced climber, mountaineer, and caver, she is able to offer unique perspectives on risk management and motivation. Her dynamic and engaging approach, coupled with her personal experiences and research, make her a highly sought-after keynote speaker, panel chair, and conference chair. Lisa Forte is also an experienced cyber security trainer, capable of effectively communicating her message to all types of audiences

Keynote speaker

Yanya Viskovich

Attorney-at-Law, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Ethics Specialist Senior Manager, Security Consulting, Accenture ASG, Switzerland Chair, Swiss Cyber Institute - Cyber Law & Governance WG Advisory Board Member, IDC Europe CISO Summits,

Yanya Viskovich is a cybersecurity specialist who helps organisations strengthen their cybersecurity culture and resilience, with a particular focus on the human factor. Currently, Yanya is a Senior Manager in Security Consulting at Accenture where she advises and consults organisations on the human factors in cyber. She is also Chair of Cyber Risk & Governance at the Swiss Cyber Institute, a CISO Summit Advisory Board member of IDC, a WomenTech Global Ambassador, and a keynote and TEDx speaker. Her expertise spans industry, government, international organisations including the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and International Committee of the Red Cross, and academic institutions - over 17 years on 5 continents, in conflict zones, and at all scales.

Yanya began her career in Australia as a prosecutor where her portfolio included cybercrime and privacy offences, and advising and capacity building law enforcement agencies and regulators. She has strategized UN crisis contingency plans for Lebanon during the height of the Syria crisis, developed and led global data protection programs for large multinationals, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (for whom she helped draft and operationalize the UN's first data protection policy).  She has advised and trained large global organisations, Boards and C-Suites on cyber strategy, incident response, security awareness and GRC, and cyber and data protection risks and legal requirements. She has advised deep-tech startups, and is an independent data protection ethics expert appointed by the European Commission to assist with the evaluation of Horizon2020/Horizon Europe research funding proposals. She is actively involved with the Atlantic Council's Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge - the world’s only multidisciplinary cyber simulation competition - as a Judge and as a coach. She is regularly invited to guest lecture on data protection and cybersecurity at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and at the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity at Maastricht University.  She is a published thought leader in her field and has contributed to and edited a number of professional standards publications on cyber and data protection.

Yanya is an Australian Bar-admitted attorney and Certified Data Protection Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of International Relations, and a Master of Laws from the Australian National University; a Data Protection Officer certification from the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity at Maastricht University; and executive certificates in cybersecurity management from MIT Sloan School and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and in applied computer science from EPFL.

Keynote speaker

Mike Koss


Mike Koss is a seasoned security practitioner who has spent the last two decades securing a wide range of businesses and government organizations.
A keen security researcher with a wide range of skills ranging from intrusion detection / prevention, Malware analysis, exploit development, security architecture
and application security testing. Mike has a global view to information security as well as offering an insight into the attacker mindset. Mike has played a key role as
a head of security and now CISO for a number of companies and is now focused on Cyber, Information and Geopolitical threats.

Keynote speaker

Carl Miller

Partner, CASM Technology, Research Director, CASM, Demos. Author, The Death of the Gods. Visiting Fellow, King's. International Speaker,

Carl ( is an experienced digital researcher, author and international speaker, interested in how technology is changing society and politics. In 2012 he co-founded the first UK think tank institute dedicated to studying the digital world at Demos, and have been its Research Director ever since. He writes widely on tech and society, including for The Economist, Wired, New Scientist, The Sunday Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian.

In 2018 he released his first book 'The Death of the Gods: The New Global Power Grab', published by William Heinemann and now frequently talks to audiences around the world about how what changes in politics, society, media, crime and warfare means to them.

He Tweets at: @carljackmiller

Keynote speaker

Ian Murphy

Founder CyberOff,

Ian Murphy is a different kind of cyber security expert.

The kind that’s not boring.

Founder and CEO at CyberOff, Ian’s goal is to make cyber security

awareness fun, interesting, accessible, and engaging. With his human and

humour filled approach, Ian injects life into the staid subject of cyber to

create a cyber savvy community.

Ian is a veteran in the cyber security industry with over 30 years’

experience. His cyber career began with working for the Ministry of

Defence, where he did seriously cool and secretive work for 10 years. He’d

have to kill you if he told you anything else about that. Ian moved into the

dot-com bubble in London in 2000, worked with a leading security vendor,

and then took the entrepreneurial route in cyber security consultancy.

Now, Ian focuses much of his energy into his security awareness

company, CyberOff. CyberOff specialises in delivering security training in

a memorable and entertaining way. Clients include Free-Now, Booking

Holdings, Cyber House Party and Distology, SOC.OS.

Ian is revolutionising cyber security training with his belief that using

humour to provoke a positive emotional reaction is what makes you learn;

it helps make complex topics memorable. It causes behavioural changes to

protect individuals and businesses in the cyber space.


Guillaume Ehny

CISO, Kroo Bank

Guillaume has been evolving in the Financial Services and card payments industry for almost a decade, working with B2C and B2B companies to strengthen their security processes and helping them protect their customers' data in an age where identity and privacy are an ever increasing challenge.


Ryan Sheldrake

Field CTO, Lacework

Ryan Sheldrake has 20+ years experience working in many roles within IT, ranging from Operator, Tech Support to Architect. A multi cloud advocate and early adopter of AWS, he now specialises in the Security and DevSecOps realms. Ryan has built hundreds of DevOps pipelines as a consultant and coached many Architects through the tools elements of digital transformation. Ryan is a DevOps ambassador with the DevOps Institute where he regularly contributes to e-books, webinars and focuses on the human and cultural side of DevOps. Outside of work, Ryan loves hiking in the countryside as well as playing the drums and learning the guitar.

Keynote speaker

James Hughes,

VP of Sales Engineering, Rubrik

James Hughes is VP of Sales Engineering at Rubrik and formerly a field CTO focusing on our global enterprises. James joins us from Schroders where he was Global Head of Infrastructure & Shared Services Technology.  As a technology executive, he was responsible for their complete infrastructure transformation, building the global team, changing the operating models, leading DevOps & Agile, cloud adoption, automation and building a code-driven infrastructure. There he changed the user experience & perception of technology by building a platform which allowed global users to work from anywhere. Coupled with this were new channels to get insight & data, get new technology and support adopting a more Amazon & Apple approach to tech, rather than traditional financial services.  Previously he was Head of Production Services at Premium Credit, VP of Infrastructure at PIMCO and Head of Central IT for Investec Bank Plc. 
He is a Chartered Information Technology Professional with the British Computer Society and board member of various governance & standards bodies. 

Keynote speaker

Ella Monck

Networking, Zero Trust and Email Security Specialist , Cloudflare

Ella Monck is a Networking, Zero Trust and Email Security Specialist here at Cloudflare. She focuses on helping large enterprises transform their network and corporate security architectures in-line with Zero Trust and SASE frameworks, with a keen interest in email security and phishing prevention.

Keynote speaker

Ross Martin

Senior Solutions Engineer , SentinelOne

Ross Martin is an experienced security solutions engineer, having been in the industry since 2015. He has an in-depth knowledge on the endpoint security space and is currently Security Solutions Engineer at SentinelOne. 


Tim Ward

CEO, ThinkCyber

Tim is CEO and Co-Founder (with Dr Mike Butler) of Think Cyber Security Ltd. ThinkCyber offer the next generation in Security Awareness. Their Redflags® software product applies behavioural and learning science theory, in a highly innovative approach to deliver context-sensitive just-in-time guidance.
Tim has worked in IT for more than 25 years both in consulting and corporate IT with organisations including Logica, PA Consulting, Sepura and was previously Global Head of IT for the cyber division of BAE Systems (previously known as Detica). Tim graduated top of his year in Computer Science with AI at the University of Leeds, holds an MBA from the Open University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge University.
Tim posts daily on security awareness and behaviour change topics on LinkedIn and is proud to have helped ThinkCyber gain significant recognition for their Redflags® product: Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab 2022; TechUK Cyber Innovator of the Year 2021; SC Award Europe (Best Professional Training Programme); CyberTech100; TechInvest GovTech Top 10; Finalists in NYC Mayor’s Cyber Security Moonshot Challenge; members of TechNation Cyber 2.0 cohort; members of London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) cohort 1; Finalists Pitch@Palace 9.0.


Eoin Mcgrath

Solutions Engineer, ThreatLocker

Eoin McGrath works in Solutions Engineering for Threatlocker EMEA, with over 20 years' experience in the MSP and Software Development fields, bringing a breadth of experience which helps deliver robust solutions for customers. Eoin is based in Ireland and likes to visit historic sites to escape from IT!

Keynote speaker

Daniel Kendall

Senior Systems Engineer, UKI, Fortinet

Dan Kendall has worked in the UK Cybersecurity industry for over 10 years. He started his career within a UK IT Managed Service provider gaining experience across multiple verticals and solution sets, joining Fortinet in 2019 to support the growing momentum of the UK Public Sector business. Now a Senior Systems Engineer, working with customers and partners on strategic Cybersecurity projects aimed at enabling business agility and better operational capabilities through consolidation and automation. Dan holds a BSc degree in Forensic Computing and Security from Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.


Matthew Brady

Sales Engineer Manager, Synopys

Matthew has worked at Synopsys since 2018, as Subject Matter Expert on SCA for EMEA and Sales Engineering Manager. He has been involved in the SCA and SBOM strategy at Synopsys, and supported the sales and deployment of solutions to corporate customers across EMEA. Prior to Synopsys he worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise since 2010 and has worked as Sales Engineer since 1996.


Scott Walker

CSIRT manager Northen Europe , Orange Cyber Defense

Ananalyst with a keen eye for detail. I served 11 years in the Royal Marines as part of Y SQN, which is the Electronic Warfare branch of the Royal Marines, I have spent the last 7 years leading a team of digital Forensics Experts investigating and containing Cyber-attacks for Orange Cyber defence. 


Eve Parmiter

Clinical Traumatologist, therapist, trainer, and performance coach,

Eve runs a successful private practice and has worked with the British Armed Forces, public, and private sectors, with new recruits to C-Suite executives, and world-class performers in sports and the arts.
Organisations and individuals work with Eve to make meaningful changes in their teams and lives. Improving performance, developing resilience, and building wellbeing all contribute to achieving high hard goals, rich connection, and deep fulfilment, as well as having a positive impact on the bottom line.
Working at the edges of what's possible requires tending to the expected and unexpected wear and tear of the task, including burnout, moral distress, and various types of trauma. This is vital to making work significant, satisfying, and sustainable. Her broad experience across sectors means Eve can tailor the training and interventions to each client’s specific needs.
Having aimed to achieve high performance across a range of disciplines herself (without the natural talent!), including graduating at the top of her year multiple times - with a BScEcon in International Relations, at Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do & Kali, whilst qualifying as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and when training as a professional actor - Eve has a deep understanding of the efforts, costs, and rewards of doing so.


Rebeccaca McKeown

Founder and Director of Mind Science,

Bec is the Founder and Director of Mind Science, an independent organisation that works with cyber security professionals. She helps businesses to advance the human aspect of system resilience, so a collaborative culture of innovative thinking and an agile threat response becomes the norm.  

As a Chartered Psychologist with extensive experience of carrying out applied research for organisations including the UK Ministry of Defence, Bec has gained a unique perspective on the ways humans react in times of crisis. She works at both operational and strategic levels, with a focus on situational awareness, decision-making and problem-solving in complex environments.
Twitter: @mindscience6


David Kennefick

Global Engineering Principal, Edgescan

David started his career in anti-money laundering for a European bank and then as a developer for accessibility tools for dyslexic and low vision users. He has had a core focus of technology security since 2012.
He has lead hundreds and contributed to thousands of security engagements ranging from: red team exercises such as penetration testing, DDoS testing, phishing, and blue team exercises such as architecture and hardening reviews, app-sec process design, incident triage & forensics.
His core passions nowadays are enabling teams to push the envelope with external attack surface management technology with the goal of enabling better Application & API testing and making security technology that is accessible for all users having previously won both an iF design award and a Good design award for UI/UX work.
David lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his partner and dog, he tweets at @davidkennefick.

Seminar speaker

Richard Cassidy,

Field CISO EMEA, Rubrik

Richard Cassidy, is a “Forbes Technology Council” member, consulting to businesses on cyber security, resilience and risk management strategies for more than 22 years, working across highly regulated industries. During his career, Richard has been helping organisations to mature their security response, compliance, risk management, automation & orchestration practices. 


Richard’s security operations experience includes managing breach response, threat intelligence & threat hunting teams, as well as teaching customers a practical understanding of how their data and assets are targeted by cyber-criminal groups, in a bid to drive effective security practices and mitigation strategies in the industry. Richard has led major breach investigations across CNI (Critical National Infrastructure), Finance, Military and Educational institutions over the past decade.


Richard is well versed in showing organisations how to better design, implement and navigate a highly complex threat landscape, in tandem with achieving (and maintaining) regulatory, compliance and data assurance mandates. Richard is an active industry contributor, having delivered speaking sessions at events including SANS, ICS2, BlackHat, IP Expo, InfoSec, FS-ISAC, Gartner and security seminars EMEA-wide.


John Wilkinson

Senior Solutions Engineer – Security, VMware Carbon Black

I am a Senior Solution Engineer at VMware Carbon Black. I have a wide breadth of knowledge across
many areas. I have worked as a professional services consultant in the End-User Computing business
unit and worked with VMware Core technologies for several years. Before working at VMware, I
worked at Dell Technologies as a delivery consultant and spent some time as a technical trainer. I am
also an ex-serviceman who spent eight years in the Royal Air Force as an Aerospace Avionics

Keynote speaker

Sean Catlett

GM, EMEA (ex CISO), JupiterOne

Sean is the General Manager for EMEA at JupiterOne. Previously, Catlett served as Chief Security Officer at Slack and Chief Information Security Officer at Reddit. He also held senior leadership positions at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, and Barclays. Sean holds five U.S. patents in cybersecurity-related innovation. He is based in London, England.

Keynote speaker

James Mountifiel

Director, Technical Solutions, EMEA, JupiterOne

James Mountifield has over 14 years of experience in the technical solutions industry. In 2006, they began their career at Clearvision-cm as a Configuration Management Consultant. In 2008, they joined Dresdner Kleinwort as a Collaboration Manager for CollabNet. James then moved to CollabNet as a Senior Technical Consultant, and later as a Principle Sales Engineer and Technical Director EMEA. In 2018, James joined Sumo Logic as a Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer, followed by a Solutions Architect Lead (EMEA) role at Humio in 2020. In 2021, they became Director of Product Management and Strategy at CrowdStrike, and in 2022, they were appointed Director of Technical Solutions (EMEA) at JupiterOne.


Phill Toms

Senior Zero Trust & SASE Specialist, EMEA , Cloudflare

Phill Toms is a specialist in Secure Access Service Edge frameworks and works within the product team at Cloudflare. He has 20 years plus experience in network transformation, network security, governance risk and compliance projects and helps organisations mature their security position whilst embracing the benefits that  SASE frameworks offer.