A series of thirty minute seminars running at 11:25am, 12:00am and 13:30pm of the event will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest.

Security Through Maturity: The missing puzzle piece in your cloud security strategy

Tafi Makamure

Outlining best practices and compliance standards is a good place to start when building a cloud infrastructure security strategy. But this alone won’t provide an assessment of the maturity of your current cloud security practices or a roadmap for continuous improvement.

We’ve created a lightweight and easy to understand framework that defines the key steps for building your strategy. We will walk you through designing a cloud security strategy for your enterprise with clear and practical milestones and show you how to gain a clear picture of where your organization currently stands on its path to a secure cloud environment.

Choosing the Right Data Protection Strategy

Ian Heptinstall

Now more than ever, it’s critical for businesses to remain confident that their data is protected and always available, whether it’s on premises, at the edge or in the cloud. But with an ever-evolving threat landscape, what is the best strategy to protect key business data? Join us to discuss answers to this question, including a demo of a key data protection best-practise. You’ll also see the findings of Veeam’s third annual study of Data Protection Trends, which asked 3,000 IT decision makers and IT professionals about their data protection drivers and strategies heading into 2022.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Cloud Email Security Platform

David Lomax

Email is both a necessary communication medium, and the most vulnerable area for an attack. Year after year, adversaries find success in abusing email to gain a foothold into an organization—deploying malware, leaking valuable data, or stealing millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, email threats are only growing in number. Business email compromise accounts for 35% of all losses to cybercrime, and the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report holds that phishing remains the top entry point for breaches—a position it has held for years.

Does that mean email is doomed, and we should give up? Quite the opposite. But the shift to cloud email requires one major thing: a shift to cloud email security.

Attend the Abnormal Security session for answers to your most pressing questions, including:

- What are modern email threats, and how are they different from legacy attacks?
- Which email threats are most concerning, and how can we defend against them in the cloud environment?
- Which technical capabilities are required when protecting cloud email?
- How can cloud email security platforms detect the most dangerous attacks?

Puzzling through the XDR Jigsaw pieces: Buzzword or genuine security movement?

Brett Taylor

XDR. It’s the hottest domain in the cyber world right now and the biggest buzzword you’ll see plastered over LinkedIn and debated amongst security vendors. But ask around and you’ll find very few people truly understand the field and even fewer know what the initials stand for. Is it just a marketing buzz, or is there a profound and significant movement occurring?

Join Brett Taylor, Director of Security Engineering at SentinelOne, as he helps us look beyond the acronyms, explains the history and development of XDR practice, and decodes the secrets of enrolling a successful XDR technology across your network.

Adopt a Prevention-First Strategy - the only way to Stay Secure

Muhammad Yahya Patel

Having seen a 42% increase in weekly cyberattacks globally in H1 2022, now is not the time to focus on detection technologies but instead the focus should be on prevention. The growing threat landscape and hybrid workforce requires a change in mindset and businesses should look for real security that will have immediate impact to provide highest level of protections. We’ve seen the downfalls of poor supply chain security and so you need to consider does your security vendor have your back? If your security vendor doesn’t have the same ethos your prevention strategy will fail, when the time comes you want to make sure their threat intelligence and rapid response will prevent the next attack. This session will also cover the hot topic of protecting the remote workforce as attackers continue to target human minds.