A series of thirty minute seminars running at 11:30am, 12:05pm and 13:30pm of the event will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest.

Go Hack Yourself: War Stories from ~20k Pentests

In an ecosystem where you know you're being targeted daily, how can you prove you're secure? Are you finding and fixing the most critical attack paths, logging the right data, and alerting on the right events? Do you know if you're ready to respond to an incident and are your security controls configured and integrated correctly? All this effort is supposed to measurably reduce your risk, but is any of it working?

Join Dennis Weyel, EMEA Technical Lead at, to learn a proven way to find, fix, and verify that you're secure. Dennis will discuss several real-world examples of what autonomous pentesting discovered in networks just like yours. And you'll hear more about how fast and easy it was to safely compromise some of the biggest (and smallest) networks in the world - with full domain takeover in a little more than a few hours. Learn how you can safely do the same in your own network today!


Design for security

You have probably heard the term but what does it mean? Allow us to provide an introduction into the world of threat modelling and how it can benefit your business operation not just in terms of security.
• Intro to threat modelling
• Threat Modelling as a Risk Management activity
• When to Threat Model and who should do it?
• Techniques and Frameworks for Threat Modelling 


The Intersection between Communications, People and Data

Cybersecurity is always thought about in terms of technology, but is it that simple or does it involve more to secure an organization? Join this session with Mimecast to learn the cybersecurity intersection between communications, people, and data to protect your organization, reduce risk and manage complexity.

Cybersecurity in Crisis: Aligning Compliance Strategies to Combat the Triple Threat of Ransomware, Data Breaches, and Extortion Attacks

Richard Cassidy,

Cybersecurity in Crisis: Aligning Compliance Strategies to Combat the Triple Threat of Ransomware, Data Breaches, and Extortion Attacks, presents an invaluable opportunity for executives and security leaders, to explore, strategize, and mitigate the risks that are threatening our digital landscape.

This cybersecurity seminar is not just about acknowledging the looming threats of ransomware, data breaches, and cyber extortion, but rather understanding their evolution, intricacies, and the implications for your organization. More importantly, it aims to bridge the gap between reactive firefighting and proactive planning, casting light on the crucial role that compliance plays in this 4th industrial revolution and how to re-think your cyber security strategies to gain an upper hand on the front line of cyber-security warfare.

In a world where cyber threats can cripple businesses overnight, compliance is no longer a tick-box exercise but a strategic imperative. The discussions will be far-reaching, encompassing how to balance business agility with robust security, and how regulatory compliance can serve as an enabler for businesses rather than an obstacle.

This seminar is a must-attend event for executives who understand that being prepared is not a luxury, but a necessity in today's interconnected business world.


Kroo: a bank with a conscience, and a cloud security partner to match their values and mission to change an industry

Guillaume Ehny

Join Guillaume Ehny, CISO at Kroo Bank, and Ryan Sheldrake, Field CTO at Lacework, on this interactive session as they discuss how this modern challenger bank navigated the jungle of cloud security vendors to conclude working with Lacework, and the results of this relationship so far. Attend this session to learn more about their journey:

· The initial criteria during the search

· How critical automation is for modestly-sized security teams

· Lessons learned and business value generated

· What's next for Kroo

LastPass: Building A Culture Of Cybersecurity

Prioritising cybersecurity as part of a comprehensive corporate culture gives you a better standing in protecting your organisation, data, and people. There are many ways to build the culture you want, allowing employees to spot and handle potential threats and being receptive to adopting security tools like MFA and password managers. Human behaviour is often the weak link with recycled, weak passwords across multiple apps and shared passwords. Remember, hackers don’t break in, they login. Join LastPass to learn practical steps and advice on building a strong cybersecurity culture.