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ThinkCyber deliver measurable, secure behaviour change for their customers.

When 85% of cyber-attacks start with the human user, and technical controls can never be 100%, organisations need their staff to be the last line of defence.

ThinkCyber have applied the theory and evidence of behavioural science in their multi-award winning Redflags™ product to uniquely deliver real-time, context aware-guidance – at the point the user is at risk.

Short, actionable and highly relevant content educates the user. Gentle and timely “nudges” strengthen behaviours, reduce risk and offer security teams visibility. Topics range from data handling, to misdirected emails and phishing.

For example, a gentle nudge when they plug in a USB stick telling them how to use it securely; a reminder about phishing when they open email; guidance on setting secure passwords at the point they need to change it. These and many more nudges and drip-fed “security stories” can be used by organisations to take human cyber defences to the next level, beyond education and awareness, to secure behaviour change.

Full metrics on and measurement of engagement offer unique insights. We’ve seen average engagement levels with Redflags™ at 80-90%, halved click rates in just three months, doubled phishing reporting rates and allowed our clients to reach people and behaviours other awareness simply cannot reach.

ThinkCyber don’t just train staff, they change their behaviours.