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Think Cyber

Engaging your staff to deliver security awareness is hard. But when 90% of cyber-attacks start with the human user and technical controls, however advanced, can never promise to be 100% effective, your people remain your last line of defence.

You need to manage operational risk from cyber-attacks that target your staff, meet compliance goals, keep your content refreshed and relevant, but also allow your colleagues to get on with their primary task: to deliver your business goals.

Redflags™, from Think Cyber Security offers you the toolkit to do this.

Pushing content out, directly to your users on their devices, and applying behavioural and learning science techniques to engage them with continually updated guidance: imparting policy, education and awareness. User impact is minimised through drip feeding just a minutes content at a time. Measurement of engagement gives you the compliance data you need, as well as better visibility of staff risk areas.

The benefits:

• Reduced compliance burden

• Reduced operational risk

• Reduced user impact

• Greater awareness retention

• Increased visibility of risk

• Measurement of engagement

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