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SenseOn, founded in 2017, emerged from a visionary mission: to revolutionise cybersecurity, redefining defense against evolving threats. Our journey began at a London flat's dining table, uniting cybersecurity experts, former government cyber operatives, and applied machine learning specialists. Together, we crafted an innovative cybersecurity platform poised to combat the ever-advancing tactics of cybercriminals, fueled by ransomware and blockchain.
At SenseOn, we leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities to augment our cybersecurity solutions. Our AI-driven technology adapts in real-time, staying ahead of emerging threats and automating complex tasks. As the complexity of enterprise security structures grew, and data volumes exploded, SenseOn rose to the challenge amid a severe cybersecurity talent shortage. Our commitment is to create a world where security doesn't rely on a multitude of tools but thrives on automation, protecting against intricate threats, from ransomware to data loss, in one streamlined platform.