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At Secarma we believe that all organisations, regardless of size and maturity, should have the opportunity to do business with an understanding of the threats they face, the risks they manage and the impact of a cyber-attack compromising their operations. We understand that cybersecurity is a complex discipline and our approach is to guide an organisation through the process of securing their business and to support with expert advice and education on best security practices.

We do this by engaging with companies and understanding their business thoroughly, with deeper knowledge of industry specific security focus areas. Once we understand how you operate, we can advise you on how best to secure your assets. Our focus is security-by-design, and our aim is to help you embed security awareness into your organisation by helping you and your people to think like the adversaries and protect your most valuable assets.

We deliver a wide range of attack and compromise simulations so that you can understand how a would-be attacker will attempt to steal or disrupt what’s most valuable to you as a business. We then provide actionable recommendations on how to further protect your business, in plain English, with post-consultancy after care as standard

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