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KryptoKloud Limited

KryptoKloud, based in Lincoln UK, is a cyber operations and intelligence company, established in 2016. Within 2 years, the company have built from scratch (with no outside funding support) a cyber security and intelligence company servicing a global portfolio of clients with a focus on simplifying cyber security. 

KryptoKloud are engaged on operational activities including the provision of cyber operations and consultancy services utilising a blend of cyber capabilities and a suite of KryptoKloud’s own products including KryptoDNA (Dark Net Analytics capability), KrytpoResilience which is a in house Cyber Business Resilience platform - which are utilized by Law Enforcement and Insurance bodies as well as  Global Pharma companies alike.  In addition, KryptoKloud is also an independent MSSP.

KryptoKloud, having built its own organic Cyber Intelligence Centre, offers comprehensive 24/7 Monitoring and detection capabilities via its own KryptoSOC 360 managed service and has a suite of in house and best of bread security testing capabilities including in-house Level 3 Forensic Investigation capability.

Providing cyber intelligence and monitoring services inc. GDPR compliance monitoring, from our Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC), KryptoKloud operationalises their cyber monitoring offerings which aligns technology and human analysts to best protect clients from the ever-increasing digital threat.

KryptoKloud monitors for “digital risks” not only at the boundary of an organisation but beyond, identifying cyber threats, data leakage and any reputational risk.

KryptoKloud partners with leading technology vendors such as Symantec, Cyber Intelligence, Vectra Networks, Evidence Talks Limited, ColorTokens and Carbon Black to ensure we fulfil our mission of “Monitor, Detect, Prevent & Protect”.

Within a short timeframe, KryptoKloud has gained a reputation for operational excellence and lead on many data protection programs with global companies and are a trusted partner of the University of Lincoln who reciprocate on business and academia activities.

KryptoKloud have been shortlisted for national awards for the Ones to Watch and in addition, short listed for national Incident Response awards.

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