To our clients, we are an independent trusted cyber security partner, delivering cyber-security solutions aligned to a clear understanding of their business drivers. Foulkon Ltd believes cybersecurity and privacy should provide your business with the optimum level of protection for your critical business assets while simultaneously allowing it to grow and prosper.

Our services include Governance and Reporting, Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, Cyber Resilience Assessment against FCA requirements, Privacy Assessment, Cloud Security Assessment, Regulatory and Compliance Services and CISO as a Service.  These services are designed to improve risk visibility and provide pragmatic, practical and cost-effective ways of reducing cyber risk.           

Technology alone cannot solve the Cyber Security conundrum. 

A robust defence requires businesses to focus across many aspects of People, Process and Technology.  Successful cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, data breach or diverted payments, occur when a weakness in one of these facets is exploited.  Many businesses focus on purchasing multiple point solutions, without putting in place an approach that takes into account their cyber risk profile and aligned to their business objectives. 

Working across all aspects of People, Process and Technology, our services are designed to provide you with an integrated approach to the Cybersecurity and Privacy challenge.  Our approach starts with Governance and ends with Resilience.      


Foulkon provides visibility of the threats faced by your business from your Cybersecurity and Privacy risks.  Understanding what is relevant and how those might impact on your business, enables you to effectively allocate resources to get the best return for your investment.

Risk Assessment

We build your “Cyber Risk profile”, to identify, assess and quantify the impacts of a cyber breach.  This forms the foundations for building a cost effective approach to Cybersecurity and Privacy.       

Based on your profile and focused across people, process and technology, the Foulkon Cyber Risk Framework creates a security baseline and the basis of an integrated approach to mitigating risks, enabling you to put in place practical and pragmatic solutions that work for your business.   

Regulatory and Compliance Services

Our Regulatory and Compliance services provide you with comfort that your critical controls are designed properly, capable of operating effectively and are in line with the expectations of Regulators (e.g. FCA, ICO), management and other stakeholders.  Our team have significant experience of dealing with the additional complexity involved with regulated businesses. 

Incident Response

We work with our clients in designing Incident Response plans and in testing the effectiveness of those plans, ahead of a breach. 

In the event of an incident, our Incident Response services give you fast access to a trusted and qualified technical team, experienced in bringing a co-ordinated, structured and integrated approach, to assist your business to Respond and Recover minimising the impact on your business.  Our approach delivers effective co-ordination across interested parties, including senior management, customers, IT, insurers, the ICO or other regulators.

CISO as a Service

Foulkon offers businesses access to senior and qualified Cybersecurity and Privacy resources that align governance, risk and compliance activities to their business needs. 

Our team have experience in working with Global Enterprise and SMEs, bringing knowledge and experience which quickly identifies the gaps to be addressed enabling cost effective solutions to be deployed.


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