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Headquartered in an innovation hub in Basingstoke, UK, Censornet gives mid-market organisations the confidence and control of enterprise-grade cyber protection. Its Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security platform integrates attack intel across email, web, and cloud to ensure cyber defences react at lightning speed.

For its millions of users globally, its AI-driven, autonomous solution is smarter, faster, and safer than is humanly possible. It’s supported by an award-winning team of customer support specialists.

Censornet’s clients include Fever Tree, Radius Payments, NewLife Disabled Children’s Charity, National Portrait Gallery, Hallmark Hotels and Thatchers Cider. It was named Cloud Security Product of the Year (SME) at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2021. For more information, please visit

We exist to protect and serve mid-sized enterprises like yours. We do that through industry-leading innovation and integrated security for your major attack surface, to best protect your data and your business.

Our Autonomous Integrated Security uses machine learning to identify and stop a billion threats a day to protect your web, cloud and email. This means that your company is automatically protected against cyber-attacks, no matter the time of day or night.

Traditional security systems are being fast outpaced. We’ve built a security posture fit for today — and tomorrow with identity at the heart. Our email, web, and cloud application security works seamlessly with powerful identity management. Let them do their work – while you focus on strategic value. Thousands of organisations and millions of users rely on our autonomous, integrated security to protect their business.