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Founded in 1983, Apricorn is the global leader in PIN pad authenticated, hardware encrypted & software free, USB storage device solutions that protect critical data on the move and at rest. Apricorn’s secure storage innovations are used by 1000s of companies and organisations worldwide; particularly those faced with strict data security, compliance and regulation challenges, such as finance, healthcare and government agencies.

Apricorn devices are encrypted and authenticated wholly onboard the keypad and within internal hardware, so users never share their critical security parameters (authentication details for example) with the host computer. Additionally, this means there are no operating system limitations to usage. Apricorn devices will work with any host that mounts USB (embedded, military or medical systems for example), even if a keyboard and screen are not available. All devices are highly configurable, supporting admin and standard user roles. Policy (such as minimum PIN length, recovery PINs, time out values, etc) can be set via the device keypad when in admin mode or in bulk and automatically via Apricorn’s unique configurator solution.

As we continue to create innovations to defend against today’s threats, as well as to anticipate tomorrow’s, rest assured that Apricorn devices will keep your data safe.

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