Zeshan Sattar

Certification Evangelist, CompTIA

Zeshan’s current role as an Evangelist at CompTIA involves guiding a range of organisations on best practice for delivery and aligning global standards to ensure a cyber resilient workforce. He is a member of the NCSC Industry 100 programme as a Cybersecurity Educator for the CyberFirst initiative. In 2018, Zeshan spearheaded the creation of the Cyber Ready programme which is designed to upskill individuals with some IT experience into Cybersecurity Analysts.
As a subject matter expert, he is often called upon to input into training programmes and has worked and spoken at a range of events in Europe and America.
He has worked across a range of infrastructure roles including the service desk as the first line of defence to a systems administrator with responsibility to architect and monitor secure networks for digital-first organisations.
When he’s not working, Zeshan can be found on social media, learning online, or trying to teach his children Japanese.

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