Ian Murphy

Founder CyberOff,

Ian Murphy is a different kind of cyber security expert.

The kind that’s not boring.

Founder and CEO at CyberOff, Ian’s goal is to make cyber security

awareness fun, interesting, accessible, and engaging. With his human and

humour filled approach, Ian injects life into the staid subject of cyber to

create a cyber savvy community.

Ian is a veteran in the cyber security industry with over 30 years’

experience. His cyber career began with working for the Ministry of

Defence, where he did seriously cool and secretive work for 10 years. He’d

have to kill you if he told you anything else about that. Ian moved into the

dot-com bubble in London in 2000, worked with a leading security vendor,

and then took the entrepreneurial route in cyber security consultancy.

Now, Ian focuses much of his energy into his security awareness

company, CyberOff. CyberOff specialises in delivering security training in

a memorable and entertaining way. Clients include Free-Now, Booking

Holdings, Cyber House Party and Distology, SOC.OS.

Ian is revolutionising cyber security training with his belief that using

humour to provoke a positive emotional reaction is what makes you learn;

it helps make complex topics memorable. It causes behavioural changes to

protect individuals and businesses in the cyber space.