Femi Owolade-Coombes

Hackerfemo has been coding since he was nine years old. After learning to hack Minecraft using Python on the Raspberry Pi computer, he decided to set up South London Raspberry Jam – to share his passion for coding with other young people. Three years on, Femi has run hundreds of coding and robot workshops across the UK and internationally. The community events he runs, with other volunteers, have been praised for being pioneering as they are fully inclusive and welcome young people who have autism or, like him, Tourette’s Syndrome. In 2017, he won an Inaugural Legacy Diana Award for his kindness, compassion and duty to the community. Femi has successfully set up his own business,  hackerfemo.com, delivering workshops  and inspirational talks to corporate companies and public organisations, whilst continuing his community work.  He has been recognised as a ‘Change- enabler’,  an inspirational young coding ambassador and has presented keynote speeches at Industry events such as the Red Hat Summit  in San Francisco earlier in the year. More recently he has been awarded a Point of Light award from the Prime Minister, Theresa May  “in recognition of your exceptional service training young people in digit skills”

Femi’s  present initiative is his most ambitious; with other young coders, he aims to develop an inclusive  Young Coders community, running monthly youth-led coding MeetUps, partnering with Tech Industry professionals and overseeing an outreach programme to increase accessibility for under-represented groups. He has set up a crowd-fund campaign using https://chuffed.org/project/young-coders-meetup, to raise £25,000 in order to have the maximum reach. 

Femi has also begun to hone in on Cybersecuirty and the impact of technology on Generation Z, as his specialist interest, after being welcomed by the Cybersecurity community in London and a two day visit to PwC’s Cybersecurity  division  and being given the opportunity to shadow their  Pen-testers. He’s also been commissioned to work on  a Cybersecurity and awareness raising initiative - to be launched both here in the UK and the US. Femi is very excited about the year ahead and sharing his experience with others through his website, developing  Cybersecuirty workshops and podcasts to inform his peers  but also to sharing with the industry – how young  people are experiencing technology themselves.

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