David Kennefick

Global Engineering Principal, Edgescan

David started his career in anti-money laundering for a European bank and then as a developer for accessibility tools for dyslexic and low vision users. He has had a core focus of technology security since 2012.
He has lead hundreds and contributed to thousands of security engagements ranging from: red team exercises such as penetration testing, DDoS testing, phishing, and blue team exercises such as architecture and hardening reviews, app-sec process design, incident triage & forensics.
His core passions nowadays are enabling teams to push the envelope with external attack surface management technology with the goal of enabling better Application & API testing and making security technology that is accessible for all users having previously won both an iF design award and a Good design award for UI/UX work.
David lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his partner and dog, he tweets at @davidkennefick.