Chris Cheyne

CTO, Si Consult

Chris Cheyne is the SOC Director and CTO for SI Consult, a global organisation empowering its clients with bespoke cyber security procedures and technology.
Responsible for operating five Security Operation Centres across the UK, Middle East and India, Chris specialises in threat hunting and intelligence, endpoint detection and response, SOC monitoring, behavioural analytics, EUBA, SIEM and more.
With over 12 years of experience in security operations and management services, his objective is to place the power of his SOC team into his clients’ hands, and to provide complete visibility of security events and threats within their environments.
Chris has been pivotal in building Si Consult’s capabilities in Managed Security Services and has experience in delivering SOC detection and response services for household names across multiple sectors, including Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Aviation and Education.
With an industry-leading team of 150 analysts behind him, he ensures that clients receive the highest degree of protection against today’s cyber threats.

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