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usecure is a security awareness and simulated phishing company headquartered in Manchester.

 We specialise in helping businesses tackle the ever increasing number of cyber threats by empowering their users to recognise and respond in the right way, making them the strongest link in the security chain rather than the weakest.

With our industry changing ulearn approach we turn security awareness on its head, this enables your workforce to learn faster, retain for longer and most importantly recall their training as and when needed. The compliance based approach to security awareness creates a gap in you cyber resilience, which we look to solve though our evaluate - educate - simulate process.

  • Evaluate - Find out what your user’s do and don’t know about cyber-security
  • Educate - Train your users with short easy to understand modules to build awareness
  • Simulate - Make sure you security awareness programme is working by simulating a real-world cyber attack

And finally we help you understand you users with in depth, enterprise class reporting. 
usecure is is currently protecting over 10,000 end users across the world as businesses seek a solution which is fit for the increased frequency and sophistication of todays threats. If you are interested in learning more visit us at

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