Tarun Samtani, CISSP

Cybersecurity | GDPR | DPO | CISO , Vectura Group plc

Tarun Samtani,CISSP is the Group Cyber Security Advisor for Findel Plc, Express-Gifts (multi-channel retailer) and Findel Education. Tarun holds over 17+ years of experience across various sectors like Telecommunications, ISP's, Financial Services, Gambling & Retail. Tarun has worked across UK, Europe, Asia & Middle East on different assignments. 


He has a wealth of experience in Cyber Security and is passionate about securing business information landscape. During the course of his career Tarun has been involved in the strategy & planning, design, architecture and implementation of a significant number of information security programmes. 


He has a passion for Cyber Security and enjoys sharing his experience. He also has a keen interest in helping out charities and non-profit board organisations fight cybercrime. His specialisations include strategy, planning through delivery of security programmes including Security Culture, Data Security and DLP & IAM programmes, 


He regularly addresses global audience on these and other topics. 


L: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tsamtani

T: @Mi5Tarun

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