Patricia Vella

Committee Member, BANG (Business and National Government)

Patricia is a committee member for BANG (Business and National Government) a open group of friendly resilience and security professionals who get together regularly and invite a guest speaker to talk about a hot topic. Speakers include a wide variety of industry thought leaders from multiple business sectors. Whatever the subject, whatever the debate we like to push boundaries, challenge the unchallenged and exchange ideas. We have strong links with the DRI and are actively reviewing how we can influence industry standards to better meet company requirements.

Patricia is former Global Head of Business Continuity at Nortel Networks, which at the time was a telecoms manufacturer with nearly 30,000 employees in 50 countries across the world and has previously held roles as diverse as EU telecoms standards committee chairman and telecommunications technology researcher for a Japanese company where her horizons were a decade or more into the future and Development and support manager for a 24x7 critical infrastructure systems group where Patricia and her group needed to react to and initiate the resolution of issues within minutes 24x7. Ensuring compliance to Security and Data Protection was integral to all the roles she has held in the past.

She now uses that diverse experience in security and resilience to help companies understand what risks their business face and implement business and technological solutions to mitigate those risks. She is currently helping small businesses implement practical cost effective solutions to prepare for GDPR.

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