A series of one-hour seminars running at 11am and 1pm of the event will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest.

GDPR - Regulation, myths and encryption

The GDPR comes into force on the 25th May 2018. A maelstrom of information is available from a variety of sources, explaining the Regulation and its many facets. But how do you sort the real news from the fake news? Some of the available information on GDPR from certain sources is to put it kindly, somewhat inaccurate.

This seminar looks at what the Regulation does and does not say. It looks at what is new in terms of data protection and GDPR and what is not. It attempts to explode some myths and counter some of the #gdprubbish. Finally, it looks at some specific areas of GDPR where Thales might be able to help as part of an overall approach because no technology solution is a silver bullet to GDPR.

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